Tunbridge Wells Royals - Play Floorball in Kent

Welcome to the home of the Tunbridge Wells Royals - A Floorball club in Kent. We have players from all over Europe and of all skill levels, if you are looking for a fun, exciting and fast paced sport, come and give Floorball a try!

Training at: 9:30pm Thursdays & 9:30am Sundays

About the club

We have a number of players of all ages and abilities, ranging from backgrounds in Floorball, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey and even sports that don't use a stick! The club has progressed from just a small group of people coming together to play a hybrid of indoor hockey to where we are now, with members coming along just for fitness and others with potentially joining the southern league. Either way, we are looking to get more people involved in the sport to come along and most importantly have fun!

Whatever your situation, we welcome you to come along and try out the sport with us!